Break your study fears

Nothing should stand between you and achieving your goals in 2015! For many of us this reflects both a wish and a dream. We get stuck in the same annual ritual of starting work on or about the 5th of January and doing the same for the next year. It is time to pursue your dreams and awaken your potential.


What is going to make your 2015 different?


To really make your year different you need to break out of the negative spiral of emotions and blockages that is trapping you behind your desk and go into the world and start looking at your life in a new way. This is exactly what studying at Regenesys is about. It is about growing yourself from your current life to a new life in which you are the master of your destiny and you break the fears that is limiting you from achieving your potential. We believe that you have a genius inside of you that is waiting to unleash itself and our programmes focus on enhancing not only your intellectual capability but also your spiritual, emotional, financial and general life potential.


For many people – fear is so consuming that when failure is an option – they will not try it at all. In this process we typically undermine our own actions and create the inevitable failure that we feared in the first place. We often fail to start something – just because we think it will be hard. Fear immobilises us and stops us from progressing in life.


Many people are scared of studying. It is well documented that there is study anxiety and we come up with road-blocks in our own journey. The main fears that we come across daily includes

  • Will I have time for studying?
  • Will I have the money for studying?
  • Will I cope with the material?
  • Is this the right time in my career?
  • I am scared of exams and assessments.


There are ways to solve all of these issues and they have a tendency to work out. Every year, millions of people go through the same process and they are fine. You need to have a plan but for each of these the good news is that if you start this journey it is the first part in the process of changing your abilities forever.


When we look below the surface of these issues that potential students face, there are often fears of being judged, a fear of failure and an inherent desire to be successful but a self-limiting belief that I cannot be successful. You can be successful! You have the right and the potential to be successful and nothing should stand in your way to achieving your potential, today!


We all have different definitions of success and failure, simply because we all have different benchmarks, values, and belief systems. A failure to one person might simply be a great learning experience for someone else. Success to one person may be perceived as a waste of time in the eyes of others. The condition of fear becomes debilitating when we allow that fear to stop us doing the things that can move us forward to achieve our goals.


Signs of Fear of Failure


You may say that you are not afraid – but you need to look deeply and ask what is stopping you from starting to study today.


You might experience some of these symptoms if you have a fear of failure:


  • A reluctance to try new things or get involved in challenging projects.
  • Self-sabotage that we can often express as procrastination, excessive anxiety, or a failure to follow through with goals.
  • Low self-esteem or self-confidence through commonly using negative statements such as “Those people are so much smarter than me”, “I’ll never be good enough to get that promotion,” or “I’m not smart enough to get on that team.”
  • Perfectionism – A willingness to try only those things that you know you’ll finish perfectly and successfully.
  • Being overly cautious and insisting on understanding the consequences before taking any action, to the point of doing nothing.
  • Constantly changing what you expect – saying one thing today and another thing tomorrow – because you do not know what you really want.


It’s almost impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of fear or failure. People who do so live so cautiously that they systematically limit themselves in terms of what they can achieve and one day live with many regrets of what could have and should have been.


Change the game!


The wonderful thing about fear and our destiny is that it’s entirely up to us to decide how to look at it.


You can choose to look at fear and failure as the start of an amazing learning experience. You need to ask what the lesson is that you need to take from this experience and also interrogate what you need to change.


If you can take out a clear view of what you can do right now to change your situation, you have not only conquered your fear but you are in fact on your way to a great victory.


This process often starts with gratitude and looking at what we have and being willing to ask for the lesson we’re meant to learn, with the openness to learn them. This learning process is what makes education the powerful experience that it is. We can challenge ourselves in a constructive environment and learn from others and accelerate the process of achievement of our dreams.


Fear stops us only if we let it. Success only enters when we seek for it.


Decide to study today


  1. Imagine what it would be like if you studied and succeeded. What is the best thing that could happen as a result of your success? If you tried it and it was a fantastic, resounding success, what is the best thing you could imagine happening?
  2. Ask yourself what you would try if you knew you couldn’t fail? What are you not now doing that you would try if you had a magic wand and you knew that you were absolutely assured that you would succeed.
  3. Find our more. Take the first step and speak to someone around what it will take to study. Learn from others that are not in your normal circles and share experiences and fears to break through to new areas.
  4. Look at what you think the roadblocks are and start talking to people around how to overcome them.
  5. Face your fears and find a way to laugh at yourself.
  6. Knowing what you would try if you could not fail, ask yourself what would be the consequences if you tried it and failed? What is the worst thing that could happen? If you tried it, and you failed miserably, what is the worst thing you could imagine happening?
  7. Ask yourself if the potential for success is worth the risking the possibility of failure?
  8. Step out and take a no-excuses approach.
  9. Embrace your fear – but realise that it may be irrational and do it anyway.
  10. Realise that you may be in a comfort zone but that you need to push through it to get to the other side.
  11. Make a decision and stick to it.
  12. Say YES to the opportunities that are in front of you.


Many times people do not act because they are irrationally afraid of the possibility of failing – even though the success would give them tremendous rewards. If realistically the worst consequences of failure aren’t all that horrible and if rationally the likelihood of failing is quite low, reconsider your fear. The first step may be the hardest but it is time for you to live up to your full potential.