Changing and sustaining direction

What does it take to change the world? Is it easier to change yourself? Many people get frustrated with their surroundings, their ambitions having fallen by the wayside and their spirits somehow constrained.


When we are young we dream and our dreams give us the visions to make things happen. Somehow life takes us through challenges and we “learn” how to be more sustainable in our thinking, but we constrain our vision.


Rediscovering yourself and building an ability to both change and sustain direction is a critical competency that everyone must master. We get lost in our surroundings. When you are lost you need to know how to read the signs, change direction and sustain a course to get to the other side.


Another place we get lost in – is the past. The past has happened and will never change. We can get over it and move on. We can also change how we feel about what happened in the past.


Yet – do we invest in building a changeability skill? Do we invest in keeping an open mind, seeing the world in a new way and marvelling at all that is around us.


Do we remember to look at trees, leaves, drops of water and the people around us? Or does the world become an anonymous place where we only see ugly things – so we stop looking. There is so much beauty, love, power and happiness in the world – but we must open our eyes to see it.


Only in doing so – do we open up the window to change. The window to change does not mean that we have to abandon everything – but the most powerful change is the change in spirit. With a spirit that is light, open and happy, you can move mountains, without effort. For a spirit that is dark, constrained and afraid – even the notion that things can be different is scary.


By opening your eyes, unlearning what you have learnt and by just observing the world for what it is – it removes the clutter that is everyday life. You become attuned to the world around you and the world gives you what you want from everyday life.


To change – you need to change your heart, change your mind and change your outlook. To learn this, you need to be able to laugh when you used to cry, forgive when you used to condemn and to be humble when you use to revel in victory. To be a lesser person is not a prerequisite – because we can all be more; we can all wake up and take on a day in a new way and while it may seem that courageously we try to change and our efforts gets thwarted – by keeping at it changes the self. And the world starts changing. So both the ability to change and the ability to sustain are necessary to keep going.


It is also important to live your dreams. Many times in life we get waylaid by chasing the dreams of others. It is important to answer to what you really want. If you are clear on what you want, the dreams of others start working with yours and not against it. If you are less clear, you may find yourself having lost your dreams. If you can find people that can share your dream or vision – then you are on a good road and will fulfil your destiny. It may not always be easy – but the best way is to communicate your dreams and visions often. That way you start linking to others that have the same.


To learn how to change is simple – but it could be hard work. The work is hard because you may have to go through many aspects before your get to the end picture. It is however fun. Choose one thing that you want to change about yourself or your life. Start thinking positively about it and visualise what it will look like if it is changed. See every detail, every aspect of it in your minds eye. Once you can see it, as it should be – then you have built an ideal. Ideals are what make us powerful as young people and this idealism starts permeating through everything. You will subconsciously start working towards ideals, but also take some conscious actions. You will be surprised how quickly things change. Once they do – don’t be surprised – but remind yourself of the ideal that you built and keep moving towards it. As other things change – stay the course and get to where you want to be.