Doing what is important

We are faced with choices every day, every moment and in every thing.


Every time we plan we have at least four choices

  1. Do nothing
  2. Maintain the status quo
  3. Do something different
  4. Do something that talks to my purpose


The doing options outlined above comes from time, as we experience it, being four dimensional. We could also possibly transcend time and do things now that change the future, the past or that arrests our current state of being.


What we do is a choice… There is no getting away from the fact that life is not pre-determined and that some celestial being is not guiding our every choice. Until we make a choice, nothing happens. We may be inspired or admonished from making certain choices by our moral, social, spiritual and intellectual beliefs but nowhere does the universe force us into a choice.


Another way of thinking of this is to say that we cannot choose what happens to us – but we can absolutely choose how we respond to what happens to us.


That choice determines what will happen to us, every step of the way from there.


So many inspirational stories come from people that have made choices in adverse conditions and that came out on the other side. The choices we made in the past shape us – but the way we choose daily defines us.


Choosing to do nothing.


As a management consultant one is taught to always ask the question – what happens if we do nothing? The lowest state of being, of not responding or by not acknowledging or doing something about a scenario is similar to denial. It is sometimes better to be in denial – especially if it is not your fight, there is no reward for doing it or it is simply chasing a dream that is not real. Choosing to do nothing is a strategy with limited application – but still an important choice to consider in every situation.


For this strategy to work – we have to consider that we need to understand the implication of doing nothing. If you do nothing and you do not understand the consequence of doing nothing – you may invariably make the wrong choice. Choose wisely.


Maintain the status quo.


On face value maintaining the status quo is for some people the same as choosing to do nothing. The status quo is a consequence of all your previous choices – and takes a lot of energy to maintain. To maintain your existing lifestyle, friendships, a financial and emotional state is hard work. Some people are so wound up because they need to be angry – that they do not realise how much energy it takes to maintain the status quo. Is it okay to remain poor? Is it okay to remain helpless, in fear and unable to do something about your life? This is maintaining the status quo. Until you let go of the status quo – you cannot be in another state.


To choose to maintain the status quo is a choice that requires much consideration – because it means hard work and much effort – as longs as it is what works. If you have discovered your life purpose and you are working hard at it – then maintaining the status quo is the right thing to do. It is then the path that guides you and your focus and dedication allows you to find the fulfilment of that path.


Do something different


Ninety percent of the time when we are at a loss – we choose to do something different. This is seldom the right thing to do. Are you doing something different because you are tired of doing the same or are you doing something different because it is the right thing to do? There is a massive difference between being tired and needing rest and choosing to change a path. Often people change their paths because they need to rest – not because it is the right thing to do.


So if you need to do something different – start learning how to be relaxed and content with what you have. This is for many something different. There is something that we are starting to understand much better in modern times, which is a relaxation response. The relaxation response is what happens when you let go of you current stress about the scenario that you are in. When you do – you do not give up – you only free the energy that you spent on being miserable and get into a position where you can use this energy to move forward.


Do something that talks to my purpose


For most people we never do this. Firstly you need to have a purpose to achieve this. Why am I here? It is so stressful to answer that the we get into a state where we keep on doing different things trying to discover it. It is much closer than you think and much harder to see that you can imagine.


Firstly – our purpose is to live, explore, live, be and be with those around us. This is hard to discover, but is around you every day in every moment.