Management must manage

Can you manage? A lot of people think that managing and management is the same think. In your business school class management gets defined as planning, leading, organising and controlling – and that is where they leave it. Progressive institutions may define managing as the process of management or some definitions that state that the task of management is to achieve the best returns with the scarcest of resources.


There is truth in the fact that management work with scarcity. Management is about cold hard results – often in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. To manage is to stretch yourself and the organisation to overcome natural barriers and to achieve exceptional results. It is not just about more profit but being more efficient and getting better daily. It is about challenging the status quo and making sure that competing demands of shareholders, staff and clients are balanced at all levels.


A good manager is one that sets a clear vision, motivates people toward that vision and that achieves what they set out to do. This while shareholders and demanding more, staff are demanding more and clients are demand more. Too many times people accept mediocrity and partial achievement of targets as an attempt at management. A good manager will achieve their targets and have fun while doing it.


To redefine management is increasingly important as there is not enough of it in the world. Every day there are new opportunities and new challenges that require managers to relook at what they are doing and to take on new markets and growth areas. Decisions fuelled by ego and the need to self-promote cost society more than the most dreaded diseases.