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30 October 2022

Wanting vs having - the key to becoming an entrepreneur

We are often frustrated when we realise that we cannot have and we then get into space that makes us want those things more than anything else.

This is a big problem in terms of the way that we think about the entrepreneurial ideals every day because we believe that wanting something is more important than anything else. Yes, there is a space for a vision, but there is a massive difference between a vision and a desire. Having more desire – does not give you anything.

The reality is that wanting something is not having it, and wanting it more will not let you come closer to having it. There is a school of thought that says that I you believe, you will achieve and that every cell in your body starts moving you towards your ideals. That is true – but the operative word here is MOVING – not better ideals.

I love the saying that while some people are having dreams, others are staying up late to achieve them.

While we may have amazing dreams, it is still critical for us to understand what you want to do when we realise those dreams and to be able to shift the energy from a wanting energy to a having energy.

Having a little bit of a solution is much better than having a huge ideal. I find that entrepreneurs are often so stuck on their big vision, that they forget that billions are also made up of cents. Start by taking care of the cents, and the billions follow. When you have big dreams, realise that they are made from little dreams and that little dreams can be achieved, one by one.

I have met some people that have had amazing dreams for a long, long time and then when we work on putting together the base elements that enable those dreams – then they do not have the skills to act on realisation of this vision.

It is as if wanting has blinded them to the micro skills that they need to act on the achievement of their dreams. For me that is a big problem with the way that we are encouraging people to have a dream and to have a vision because it really does mean that we are teaching people a better way to want. We should teach them to be better at having.

If we start thinking about how to be better at having, we really need to look at the skills needed to take an opportunity and execute on it so we need to get unstuck from this one thing and this wanting energy. We all have amazing opportunities every day, but we do not clarify them for ourselves. Shifting from a wanting energy to a having energy is hard, and when you do you find out this this is a is a very different type of animal.

If you do not know what you want, then it is a clear sign, that you do not know what you have. When you know what you have, you will know what you want and you will start shaping the world around you to get that. Nature is strange that way, it delivers to you exactly what you instruct it to. It starts with knowing yourself.

Having means that you have to execute on what you have you have to find ways to sweat your assets and to find ways to use essential elements around you to achieve a profit. You then also need to look at moving from an idea to some tangible form of expression of that idea and this is very critical if you going to succeed in business.

I meet so many people that want to start a pub, or an eatery, or a better cupcake business. Yet, they have not sold a single beer to someone, have not served someone a meal or baked a cup cake. If you start doing that, then you are acting on your dream and very soon you will own your business. I have met people that have been brooding on ideas for tens of years, but it only takes a little bit of effort to start realising this and then the idea becomes a reality.

We need to start teaching people the difference between wanting and having and also that to have is to move to a place where you are able to start to give.

If you are empty in your soul, you will also want, and want more. The only way to fill your soul, is to give of yourself.

I have seen so many great people fail because they believed that they their desires remain unfulfilled. They spend their lives chasing an ideal because of a belief that they do not have enough. They have a wanting energy, and not a having energy. I have seen humble and amazing people that have a having energy – and they are constantly inspiring others, because when you have, you can give to others. We have often heard, that the more you give, the more you get – but this is only true if you are full and are not wanting. When you want, you hang on to stuff when you get it, and then it confuses your purpose.

This happens to poor people when they shop – they walk into the shop and buy silly stuff, because they want it, not because they need it. When you have everything, you walk into a shop, buy nothing and you spend your money on making a customer happy.

As an entrepreneur – you need to put the customer into your vision. I see people putting up vision boards with millions of dollars – but no customers. Focus on what you will do to make other people happy, and the money will follow.

I saw this guy coming into our seminars – all bling, all macho and basically when we asked him what his plan is as an entrepreneur – he said that he will be famous, rich, powerful, etc. After our one day seminar, I asked him the same question and he proudly repeated the same as in the morning, but added, through partnering with my customers.

Remember that wanting is not having…

Wanting implies “NOT having” and having implies “no need for wanting”. Both are a state of “being” and if you remain in that state of “wanting”, life accepts this “wanting” state as your true desire and so continues to have your circumstances reflect that, i.e. still wanting!

By knowing this, if you truly want to see a change in your circumstances, you need to change your focus so that you “feel” that you already “have” what you want. Through that feeling (which is usually a feeling of joy, abundance and freedom), life will begin to reflect that in the world.

The reason being is that what we think, feel and receive is always a match, so if you behave as though you already have everything you want internally, life will match that in your external world.

The key to this is to have a good attitude no matter what happens, always look for the positive aspect. Feeling good in this moment puts you in harmony with life rather than resisting it and that sets you up to receiving the richness you already have inside.

It is not enough to consciously think something positive, if the feeling still is sour, then that is what will be the dominant creative force within you. So, to receive good things, focus on feeling good things (whatever that may be) and know that you already have it and you will succeed, GUARANTEED.

You may ask, how can this be guaranteed? Because you have already succeeded many times with the things you did not know you wanted. This is what happens when you feel fear, for example. When the fear becomes the dominant feeling, you receive the thing you were fearful of. Life does not judge anything as good or bad so it simply gives you whatever is dominant in you.

We often think of things happening in life, in term of luck, something pleasant is good luck, something unpleasant is bad luck. But luck is a cop-out and denial of responsibility for what shows up. Everything stems from us either consciously or unconsciously (most of the time it is unconscious). This is not about blame or any other condemning description, it is simply about accepting that each one of us is a creator and when we are not aware of what is happening within us, life seems to happen to us and we hope we will be lucky.

The interesting thing is that the power that it takes to have things show up that are unpleasant is the same power that it takes to have pleasant things show up, it is really no different. The only distinction is that each of us have learned a mode of operating that we are comfortable with (and for a lot us that mode is one scarcity and struggle). When we make attempts to change that mode, it usually causes no ultimate change because it’s like trying to use a twig to change the direction of a fast-flowing river!

So how do you start to live in a way that is more responsible and deliberate? You do it by looking around you, no matter where you go, and say to yourself that you are looking for things to feel good about and reasons to feel good and as you do this little by little, you begin to find things and reasons to feel good about.

As you feel good, you notice the good feelings and let the good feelings be there, you begin to let creativity in, you begin to let abundance in, you begin to let success in. Why” Because this is a fundamental principle of the universe, it comes down to the fact that everything is made up of energy that is vibrating at certain frequencies and for anything to be created it must find a match in that vibration.

So, change the way you feel and you will change your world!

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