Globally, more people are living longer. With the advent of modern medicine and global growth this has led to a situation that has not only seen an increase in population but also a general extension of the longevity of people. It would not be uncommon for people to work forContinue Reading

Education is changing very fast. With a new set of options open to promote corporate education and training – is it not time to rethink the bursary scheme?   Any HR manager will tell you about Bursary Schemes – probably while letting off some steam and telling some tales ofContinue Reading

You would be forgiven for thinking that gamification describes a new type of weapons technology that shoots gamma rays. It is a lot more benevolent than that and simply describes a way in which games are being used to expose concepts in different settings.   More people are starting toContinue Reading

It is so easy to get stuck in today and not look at tomorrow.   The reality that is unfolding around us is that of a fast globalising world in which our daily actions are creating change on an unprecedented scale.   There are some significant patterns of change thatContinue Reading

It is practically impossible to know what is going to happen tomorrow. As much as the future is unknown one can make a reasonable assumption that it would be influenced by what is happening today. Conditions are always changing, uncertain, volatile and unplanned eventualities are more likely than anything else.Continue Reading

Research is one of the least understood areas of academia. When you start studying you think that you are there to learn a specific subject and soon find yourself sitting, having to do research into a topic. But what is research and how does it work? Why do we doContinue Reading