We are all busy on a journey to discover ourselves. Every person has a different experience and some journeys may help others. There is an idea that may be powerful to explore which is to enter yourself.    When next you sit and think about where you are –Continue Reading

An open mind gives you a vista to a world of opportunity. A vista, being a narrow path through which you can see something that would otherwise be hidden, is also easy to miss. It is like a dark path in which there is a small light and as youContinue Reading

Why would a millionaire give away a large part of his fortune? Why would a business school make available the content of all its business qualifications available for free?   To learn to give it is important to start with being able to receive and then getting better at knowingContinue Reading

In the immortal words of legendary jazz singer, Nina Simone, “it´s a new dawn, it´s a new day, it´s a new life” and there certainly is reason to feel good in 2013. Especially if you´re thinking of furthering your education. Whether you are new to the job market, new toContinue Reading