Kotter (2012) states that less than 10% of time is spent on developing strategy and more than 90% on executing it. According to Kotter’s research approximately 5% of all organizational strategies are implemented successfully, and 70% of strategic initiatives fail to meet their objectives. The remaining 25% have some levelContinue Reading

As business becomes more challenging, organisations are rediscovering the power of effective teams. It is not possible to wave a magic wand and create a high-performing, self-managed team overnight. A self-managed team needs to develop a culture of lifelong, individual and team learning. How do we best compose these hiContinue Reading

An open mind gives you a vista to a world of opportunity. A vista, being a narrow path through which you can see something that would otherwise be hidden, is also easy to miss. It is like a dark path in which there is a small light and as youContinue Reading