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30 October 2022

Discover your inner being

We are all busy on a journey to discover ourselves. Every person has a different experience and some journeys may help others. There is an idea that may be powerful to explore which is to enter yourself. 

When next you sit and think about where you are – you may want to direct your thoughts to a different place than usual. If you can calm your mind and explore your feelings you may be able to become calm in your spirit and look on yourself to find another way, a different mode of being. 

One thing that may surprise you when you start looking for it – is that it is hard to find yourself. When you start trying to find yourself, you may be describing what you do, who you think you are or where you have been as defining yourself. Yet inside of you there is an inner being, a spirit that wants to express itself and be all that it can be. But it may be hard to locate and a guide, a navigator so to speak – may be the best way to start looking. 

Looking at life there is a point between good and evil that you have to find. Good and evil are two pillars – each with their own attraction, each with their own challenges. Somewhere between good and evil there is a neutral point – there is a gate, which if you can enter it – shows yourself. To be too positive or too negative is not acceptable. Good is relative, so is evil – and while it is tempting to subscribe to either, neither has a definite end that has a clear value in finding yourself. In the end you just are… If you try too hard you will never get anywhere so the best is to stand above these forces and to look for yourself. Good and evil are both forces of creation, in constant eb and flow. When you look at a point of distant creation, i.e. the point above all of this where you are not polarising your thoughts towards any direction, believe or state of being, you start creating yourself and enter the absolute of your being – not being swayed by others and relative norms – but by the strength of your own creator. To emphasise – if you can get to a point where you create neither for good nor evil – you are on a good path. Depending on your own polarity either good or evil may push or pull you. 

To enter his gate is to know yourself well enough not to have to wonder what you believe and what you desire. Inside this centre point, at the point of neutrality is a middle path that you have to enter to find the next level of being. This is entering the zero point or the void. 

Before entering the world is outside of you – upon entering the world is inside of you and you are inside the world that is in you. 

You may watch the stars and then enter the void and be among the stars and see them within you, you standing among them. 

The void is like the eye of a needle – small but without it you will not be able to thread the yarn of life through it. 

What you find when you cross over the threshold to the other side – you confront the inner being and its world. When you first enter this world it may be very empty and linear. Do not be scared and do not let it deter you from exploring. Some bravery is required to find yourself and you must always go a little bit further to find out more. 

When you enter this world you can find an amazing paradise that can be enjoyed or it may need a lot of work. Whatever you find there – it is yourself and it is a good idea to start working on making this inner world as bright, shiny and well tended as possible. There should be landscapes, bright and beautiful lands and the shadows that you see there should be temporary, interesting and challenging. If you cross the threshold and you see nothing – then the canvas is open to draw and create beautiful things. 

This world is not one of good or evil – but one of darkness and light. Where there is light and motion it is wholesome – where there is darkness and stagnation – there is a space that needs to be filled. 

The material to do the construction work in this inner world is only limited by your imagination and the only requisite is that you dream about it, dream big and be precise in the grandeur and stature of what you are putting together there. 

The materials need to be lavish, grand and amaze you. Only in finding the best inside of yourself, being inside of the universe can you truly express everything that you are. 

Strangely – once you fill your inner world with great things – they tend to find you when you exit the void. You just have to be open to the possibility that the world is different and it changes in front of you. 

The other side is that the shadows in your spirit also come out in the real world. If you have beliefs around your own being that challenge you – they come out and also manifest in your normal life. So it is important to confront these, decide what you want it to be and set in motion changes in your life that will re-colour this inner world. 

What makes the inner world so powerful is that your ego cannot stand in your way – by not judging what you are doing, you create a tether with the being inside of you that is able to see everything, act and react to everything in your world, and you get to know yourself so much better. Your subconscious self becomes real and shapes you. 

Not everyone has the ability to reshape the world to that which they define inside of him or her. Those that have – may not even be conscious of it. Those that do it consciously are often quiet about it. Is it not time that we all start looking for that inner path and find ourselves. 

Have fun discovering yourself. 

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